Y Strainer and its Benefits

Y Strainer allows businesses to find the exact filtering device to keep foreign material from obstructing the flow stream in the line. Strainers protect valuable equipment from clogging and from being damaged by the pressure of the flow?s increase. Strainers can be as simple as a screen installed to allow flow to pass through, catching larger debris which falls to the bottom or into a basket for future cleaning. Ordinarily an access port allows cleaning or replacement of the part.

A process plant might consist of many control loops networked together, all regulating an important process variable. Pressure, level, temperature, flow, etc. all must be maintained within parameters that ensure the end product is an acceptable quality. Unwanted matter in the system can cause expensive breakdowns, damage equipment, and directly affect outcome.

Y Strainer strainers are an essential part of the control loop, as all links of a chain are essential to its strength. Electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators are used with positioners, and sensors that control the mechanism regulating the flow through the system. A control system generally consists of control valves, actuators, controllers, and sensors. These terms are generic and the actual function of the part determines its characteristics. Each is designed to give maximum control to the operator so that the system functions efficiently. As technology has changed manufacturing, so the definition of these parts has fluctuated and sometimes overlapped. The entire system will cease to function if that important aspect, maintaining flow integrity, is compromised. Strainers cannot be ignored in the control loop because their function is essential to maintaining flow integrity.

Y Strainer strainers protect your expensive pumps, valves, and meters for a cost that is far less than the consequences of not installing and maintaining the proper strainers specified for your enterprise. Simplex basket strainers can work well for systems that can temporarily shut down for cleaning or change out. For a continuously operating system, a duplex basket strainer can allow one basket to fill, and switch to the other so there is no break in the flow while it is cleaned out.

Y strainers, Tee strainers, temporary strainers, UL Fireline strainers, turbine meter strainers and more are available in the material you need, from cast or ductile iron, bronze, steel, stainless steel, to plastic. Y Strainer strainers can be found with galvanizing, special tapings, epoxy coating, and specialty flange connections. There can even be fabricated strainers custom made to your specifications.

The regulation of flow is inherently dependent upon the size and design of the control valves chosen for the system in place but those valves must have unimpeded material passing through. The installed flow characteristic must be maintained at a sufficiently linear pace to stay within the specified parameters of the operating range of the system. Y Strainer strainers are the point of contact regulating the actual material flowing through the control loop and determining profitability by their performance. Specifications must address real dynamic characteristics for true process optimization. Improperly selected filters will prove to be detrimental to the performance of the control loop and safety of the system.