Dampers & Flex Connectors

Techmatic Inc is an industrial global leader and offers a comprehensive product line of custom damper products for the past 32 years focused on industrial ventilation systems and air flow control. Our damper and flex manufactures design and build fabricated components per customer's specifications. Contact us to find out how our array of flexible fabricating services can be applied to your project to satisfy your special requirements.

Dampers & Flex Connectors Dampers & Flex Connectors Dampers & Flex Connectors Dampers & Flex Connectors
  • MPF - Michigan Precision Fabricators - Fabricated industrial dampers and industrial fabric and metal flex connectors.
  • AVD - Advanced Valve Design - Fabricated industrial dampers.
  • Forward Engineering High temp, low leak, high cycle fabricated industrial dampers
  • Oak Ridge Bellows - engineered metal flex connectors.
  • Flexicraft - metal, rubber and Teflon flex connectors.