Valuable Uses For the Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve allows you to find the right valve for your application, bringing light weight to applications with low cost. You can find a high performance butterfly valve in many sizes and styles, including carbon or stainless steel, lug and wafer body, and pressure class 150, 300, and 600. These heavy duty, maintenance free valves perform the way you need them to with high pressure, whether your application be water, steam, oil, gas, or slurry.

Giving the reliability of ball and gate valves with the benefits of a lower cost and lighter weight, butterfly valves are an optimal choice in many fields.  Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve - Common applications for stainless steel butterfly valves include: utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas production, fuel handling systems, marine, petrochemical processing, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve - stainless steel butterfly valves offer adaptations for various pressures and usage. Resilient butterfly valves, with their flexibility, have the lowest pressure rating, but the high performance butterfly valve uses offsets in positioning the disc, increasing its sealing performance and lowering the tendency to wear. Tricentric butterfly valves are able to withstand the most pressure with the use of the metal seat and suitable for highest pressure applications.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve allows you to look at all the types of butterfly valves you might need and select those best suited for your specific usage. Cartridge seat designs with precision machining maintain tighter disc to seat tolerance and alleviate installation difficulties previously encountered with dovetail designed booted seats. The low torque seal aligns perfectly every cycle for high performance.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve - stainless steel butterfly valves are highly useful for isolating and regulating flow with the disc positioned in the center of the pipe. Similar to a ball valve, the butterfly valve allows for quick shutoff with less support required. The rod passing through the disc connects to an actuator outside the pipe and allowing control by rotation of the disc. Since the disc is present at all times in the flow, a pressure drop is induced regardless of valve position. The quarter turn allows a perpendicular position and almost unrestricted passage, while incremental turnings throttle flow as specified until the completely closed position is reached.

Flanged butterfly valves are collared to provide anchor points for installation. Typically pre-drilled for bolts, some are connected with latches or clamps. Any material acting as liquid in respect to flow can be regulated with the proper valve, and the Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve is an excellent source for the precision parts you need for your application. With the wide range of size and construction, the butterfly valve is a reliable option in many industries, while the variations in design allow usage in a number of pressurization scenarios including those considered high performance and heavy duty.

You can rely on Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve to provide the source for all your high performance valve needs with the specified parts your particular enterprise requires in the size and design and material you are looking for.