Applications for Pipeline Strainers

A control system is a process which consists of many types of components, including control valves, actuators, controllers, and sensors. The goal of the control system is to provide maximum regulation to the plant operator or plant personnel. Pipeline strainers provide an essential means of filtering the process media in a control system.
Pipeline strainers are devices that are used to filter control loops in a process. One plant may have multiple control loops, which all require control valves to monitor and control the process variable of the particular loop. Pressure, level, temperature, flow, etc., must all be maintained within specific set parameters in order to ensure a quality end product. Pipeline strainers are used to provide filtration of the process media while in the pipeline. Strainers have a mesh basket which the process media flows into. This basket catches any particles that are larger than the size of the holes in the mesh, and allows the remaining liquid to continue flowing through the pipeline. Since particulate in the process media can damage sensitive equipment in the control loop, Pipeline strainers are very useful in protecting a company from excessive repair costs.
Y strainers, Tee strainers, temporary strainers, UL Fireline strainers, and turbine meter strainers, among others, are available in the material you need, from metals to the types of plastic required by industry standards. Strainers can be found with special tapings, epoxy coating, and specialty flange connections. There are also fabricated strainers that can be custom made to your specifications.
The regulation of flow depends on the size and design of the control valves chosen for the process control system, but control valves must have unimpeded material passing through them. The flow in the pipeline must be maintained at a sufficiently linear pace to stay within the specified operating parameters of a process control system. Pipeline strainers are an integral part of the process because they filter the media in the control loop, and they directly influence profitability with their performance. Improperly selected strainers will prove to be detrimental to the performance of the control loop and safety system.