On Off Control Valve Features

An on off control valve is a fixture that can be installed inside piping systems, which allows for a company to control and manipulate the passage of process media through that particular passage of pipe. Different substances that may need to flow through piping systems generally consist of different types of gases or liquids, which typically need to be moved through at a certain speed and volume for system applications to run successfully. An on off control valve allows for a company to manage when a substance is entering into a different area of the system, and when it is contained within a separate area.

An on off valve works by either allowing the full volume of a substance to pass through an area, or by blocking it off completely. As might be suggested by the name of the valve, when it is turned to the on position it is open, and the gas or liquid that happens to be traveling through a system of pipes is able to pass through unhindered. When the on off valve is in the off position it is completely closed, and the gas or liquid in the pipeline is not able to penetrate the valve in order to get to the next passageway or area. The off position of the valve creates a completely reliable seal, so functions that require a separation where process media cannot enter can perform successfully when an on off control valve is installed and utilized.

An on off valve can be ordered in a variety of different sizes, and a company has the ability to select the size that will most optimally serve their purposes. There are also different options for the exact ways in which an on off valve is implemented into a system. Some of the valves are manufactured with a threading on a stem, which can be screwed into a block. Different feed lines can then be attached to the main body of the on off valve, and the flow in those lines would be controlled by the positioning of the valve. An on off valve typically has an indicator which makes it obvious when the valve is in the on or off position. This is convenient for companies, as they may need to perform quick checks of their system machinery. Knowledge of valve positioning can contribute to their overall analysis that functions are all up and running smoothly.

Manufacturers of the on off valve have been striving to produce compact and light designs. These can be easily implemented into an existing system, and do not require a great deal of upkeep or maintenance. Additionally, these on off valves are tested for quality and efficiency before they are made available on the market. Oftentimes, a positioner is also available to accompany an on off valve, and this would allow a company to set the valve at a position somewhere in between on and off. This would still allow for flow, but the amount and volume of the flow could then be adjusted as needed. This is known as a modulating control valve.