What A Lug Style Butterfly Valve Can Do For Flow Regulation


When an industry needs to exert control over the substances flowing through their pipes, a lug style butterfly valve could provide the solution they need. A lug style butterfly valve is a fixture that can be installed directly in a pipeline. The main portion of the valve is a spherical disc, which can be ordered in a variety of sizes. The valve itself should be sized directly for the pipe in which it will be placed, which allows for the spherical disc to create a tight seal when it is in the closed position. The tight seal does not allow any gas or liquid to pass through, and thus allows a company to manipulate where substances flow and when they flow there.

In addition to stopping flow completely by positioning the disc of a lug style butterfly valve perpendicular to the pipeline, the valve can also be moved to the open position, which would allow a substance to flow past the disc on either side. The disc turns to open parallel for this open position. The resistance of the flow is always lowered a little bit when it passes a lug style butterfly valve, because even in the open position the disc of the valve is still located within the pipeline. The substances flowing past the disc will be slowed down a little bit, but they will still be able to flow past when the disc is open. A lug style butterfly valve could also be positioned in a partially open location, which would only allow some of the substance to pass by. This could be useful if a company needs to manipulate the amount of gas or liquid that is passing into a certain location.

The disc in a lug style butterfly valve is connected to a shaft, and the shaft controls the exact position of the disc. The shaft extends beyond the body of the valve, and could be connected to a power source to automate the actions of the valve. Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuators are all possibilities for automation of the valve.

A lug style butterfly valve is fastened to a pipeline differently than other types of butterfly valves that are available. There are threaded inserts on either side of a lug style butterfly valve body. These threaded inserts allow a lug style butterfly valve to be bolted directly into a system, without the use of nuts. This particular type of installation also allows for different sides of a system to be detached from each other, without interrupting the other side.

A lug style butterfly valve can be purchased in a variety of sizes and materials. The purchasing company should consider their needs, as well as the options available, before making a final determination about which valve will be most efficient in their specific application. Careful planning before purchase and installation can result in saved time and money later in the process, especially as maintenance and replacements needs are considered.