Inline Basket Strainers: Desirable Filtering

A company is often charged with the mission of producing or circulating a substance. These substances could be gases or liquids, and they could be circulated for a wide variety of tasks. Sometimes these liquids are needed for the process of production, and they are just a component of the final end product. Sometimes the circulation of the substance itself is the industry, as in cases where air or water needs to be circulated for use. Other times, the circulation is part of a filtering or refining process. Inline basket strainers can assist with ensuring that substances in any of these situations maintain the highest levels of quality.

Inline basket strainers work to remove undesirable debris from a stream of flow. This prevents any unwanted materials from mixing in with the substance as it is either circulated or used in other production tasks. Different sizes of inline basket strainers are available, which allows a company to determine what sizes and types of debris they are most concerned about contaminating their flow stream. Inline basket strainers with very small openings, for instance, only allow liquids or gases to pass through, while they prevent any solid substances beyond the size of the openings from entering.

Inline basket strainers are frequently implemented in a variety of industries to ensure that quality substances are moved on to the next stage of operations. These industries include cosmetics, paints, air conditioning, refrigeration, chemicals, food, beverages, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial possibilities.

Inline basket strainers need to be cleaned periodically, as the solid components that have been trapped and removed from the flow stream will build up. Eventually, the desired liquid will not be able to pass through if the holes are all blocked from debris that has been removed. Regular cleaning needs to occur on a schedule appropriate for production needs to assist machinery in running successfully and continuing to produce high-quality substances.

One of the benefits of implementing inline basket strainers is that the system does not have to be shut down completely in order for the strainer to be cleaned. This is essential for companies that house constantly running systems that cannot afford to be shut down, even for maintenance or cleaning, because their output is needed. Inline basket strainers are typically comprised of two different basket strainers. When one of the basket strainers is removed for cleaning, flow is directed to the other basket strainer. This allows operation to continue, and does not cuase the quality of the substance to drop as a result of equipment cleaning. By using a pressure measurement system, it can be determined if there is too much build-up in a strainer. When that build-up reaches a certain point, cleaning will be necessary.

Inline basket strainers are available in a wide variety of sizes, but can also be specially ordered to comply with the exact needs of a particular company. Different shapes of basket strainers are also available for implementation, allowing a company to custom fit a strainer to their pipeline system.