Benefits of Electric Butterfly Valves

Electric butterfly valves are a fixture that every industrial operations manager needs to know about. Their ability to control the flow of liquids or gases within pipelines is beneficial for factory procedures and processing. Additionally, they are relatively cheap and easy to both install and maintain. Electric butterfly valves also do not require the extra space, cost, and other complications associated with valves that are powered by pneumatic or hydraulic sources.

Electric butterfly valves control the flow of process media by moving a round disc to an open or closed position. When the disc is open it is held parallel to the pipes, and media is permitted to flow past it on either side and into the next section of pipe. When electric butterfly valves are in the closed position, they are perpendicular to the pipe, and create a seal that does not permit any materials from flowing through that pipe section. The disc of an electric butterfly valve is attached to a shaft, which is able to turn the disc and thus open or close possible flow steams.

Whether electric butterfly valves are in the open or closed position, they will have an impact on the flow of substances within the pipeline. A closed butterfly valve will stop the flow completely, and an open butterfly valve will still reduce the volume of the flow, as the valve is still a presence within the pipeline that the substances must flow past. These aspects of electric butterfly valves need to be considered before installation, to ensure that the pressure change that is created is not hindering overall factory functions and production.

Electric butterfly valves can also be operated to partially open positions, which can limit the flow of a substance without cutting it off completely. This throttling ability could be incredibly useful for a company's operations. It gives the company a great degree of control over processing while it is taking place. If too much gas or liquid ends up in a certain portion of the pipeline, the electric butterfly valves in that area can be quickly controlled to move to new positions that favorably regulate the flow amount.

In order to properly seal off a section of pipe when in the closed position, electric butterfly valves must be fitted to the size of the pipes in which they will be placed. A wide range of sizes is available for companies to consider when making their purchase. Butterfly valves can also be specially ordered in certain necessary sizes. These types valves are generally low cost, easy to maintain, and require less pressure to operate, which sometimes makes them a more convenient choice than other valve options currently on the market. The electric control used to actuate electric butterfly valves allows for easy manipulation of the valve positioning, and therefore the flow of process media, at any given time. If any problems occur with the electrical operating system, it can generally be diagnosed easier than a system that relies on a different type of power source.