Electric Butterfly Valve Operations

An electric butterfly valve offers essential control in regulating the flow of a gas or liquid through the pipes connected to a larger system for industrial purposes. Often, a system will be charged with the task of managing the flow of process media, which may need to be disseminated through a large area for circulation or other production purposes. Regardless of the reasons for managing media flow, it needs to be done quickly and accurately for a company to achieve successful results. An electric butterfly valve can help to ensure that this happens.

An electric butterfly valve is a fixture that is installed in a piping system where gas or liquid flows. The valve is composed of a circular disc, which rotates inside the larger circular body of the valve. The rotation is controlled by a shaft that runs through the body and connects to the disc. In the case of an electric butterfly valve, the shaft can be wired electronically and controlled remotely through an electric actuator. This allows for the valve to respond quickly to any types of flow control needs that have to be adjusted for optimal production processes.

When the disc portion of the electric butterfly valve is parallel to the pipe, the gas or liquid flowing in the pipe can continue on to the next passageway. Although entrance is permitted, the presence of the disc still has an impact on the volume of the process media flowing past. When the disc is turned so that it is perpendicular to the pipe, it creates a seal and does not allow any media to pass. Gases or liquids can be quickly stopped and held in a certain section of a piping system by activating an electric butterfly valve. When the appropriate time comes in the production process, the valve can be opened and the media will start to flow again.

If a flow of gases and liquids is still desired but the amount needs to be adjusted, an electric butterfly valve can provide that control. This can be attained by opening the electric butterfly valve incrementally, so that only a portion of the opening is available for the process media to pass through. This slows down the flow. Throttling can be controlled through the act of opening or closing a butterfly valve in small amounts, which can adjust flow based on current industrial needs.

An electric butterfly valve can be ordered in a multitude of sizes, in order to best comply with industrial piping needs at a certain site. Additionally, the amount of pressure that exists in a certain factory setting needs to be considered when selecting an appropriate electric butterfly valve. A valve can be ordered that meets the exact requirements of the location, and this better fit will last for a longer period of time. In general, butterfly valves are a lower cost option that allow for quick and easy flow throttling and shut-off control.