The Need For Electric Ball Valve Actuators

Regardless of the ultimate function of large industrial machinery systems, maintaining control over system movement and operation is critical for success. Most industrial systems are engaged in the movement of process media through a system of connected pipes. These substances take the form of gases and liquids, and the overall function of the system is often to either refine or circulate that substance to required locations. Electric ball valve actuators can help to ensure that this action is successfully completed.

As a substance travels through pipes, there might be a location where two or more pipes intersect. Electric ball valve actuators allow for the manipulation of process media in these types of circumstances. Electric ball valve actuators allow for the ball valves controlling the openings between different sets of pipes to be adjusted as necessary. Ball valves function by moving a spherical disc, known as a ball, to either provide an opening or seal off an opening to a pipe. When the ball is in the closed location, the gases or liquids inside the pipes are not able to pass through the tight seal that has been created. The ability of ball valves to create reliable seals when regulating flow through a piping system makes them a popular choice for installment in industrial systems.

Electric ball valve actuators work to provide the power to activate the movement of the ball valve. This allows for the ball that controls the openings in the piping system to be automatically adjusted, depending on the current needs for company production. Electrical systems are easy to wire and install, and allow for simple control of ball valve adjustments. As a result, the flow of the gases and liquids inside the system can be easily adjusted, redirected, or completely blocked off as necessary.

Electric ball valve actuators are easier to install and maintain than other types of systems that provide power, such as pneumatic or hydraulic pumps. Pneumatic power requires pumps to control air flow, and hydraulic power requires pumps to control the flow of liquids. Electric ball valve actuators allow for automatic ball valve adjustment without requiring massive system expansion and maintenance.

Electric ball valve actuators can be specially designed for different industrial situations. Depending on the type of system where the ball valves are installed, an actuator may need to be designed to control valves ranging in size from a couple inches to a few feet. The amount of power that a system requires will also need to be considered when determining the exact type of electric ball valve actuator to install. The amount of pressure that is exerted through normal system operations could have an impact on the type of electric ball valve actuators that are being considered for company purchase. A carefully researched purchase will benefit the industrial company for a longer period of time, as it will be better suited for complying with the needs of that particular system. Fortunately, a variety of electric ball valve actuators are available for consideration, and businesses have the power to select the one that is most appropriate for their production processes.