Installing an Electric Ball Valve Actuator

Different industrial systems engage in operations that include moving gas and air substances through a series of pipes. This process media could be moved for circulation, refining, or production procedures. In order to effectively maintain control, companies need to install fixtures that will allow them to manipulate the flow and path of these substances.

An electric ball valve actuator could be the product that a company needs to install in order to guarantee it complete its operations successfully. Ball valves are types of valves located at the intersection of two or more pipes in a larger system of machinery. The ball valve controls the flow of a gas or liquid substance by rotating a spherical disc. The result of this rotation is that some pipe passageways are either opened up or blocked off and effectively sealed. A substance is not able to pass through the disc, and is therefore either held or re-routed down the opening that is provided. Ball valves provide a very reliable seal, which helps to prevent contamination and keep substances separated. Depending on the substances that a company works with, the ability of a valve to create a reliable seal may make it a very appealing fixture for installation. Ball valves are also very easy to maintain, and generally function effectively for long periods of time. A ball valve's motion can be controlled and powered with an electric ball valve actuator.

An electric ball valve actuator is able to provide the power necessary to move a ball valve, by changing the angle and placement of the spherical disc, known as the ball. Many companies prefer this method of providing power, since hydraulic and pneumatic units are large, costly, and require the installation of additional pipe and pump systems in order to function. An electric ball valve actuator generally has a much lower initial cost, and is able to provide more benefits over time.

A company considering the purchase and installation of an electric ball valve actuator should be aware of their particular needs throughout their operations process. Actuators can be designed specifically for situations with certain levels of pressure, and this needs to be contemplated before a final decision is made. An electric ball valve actuator that is carefully researched before its installation has a better chance of providing high-quality services for a longer period of time.

There are also different sizes for those researching electric ball valve actuator purchase to consider. Some of the smaller units are considered lighter duty, and are installed in situations where the ball valves themselves are generally 2 inches or smaller. Other actuators are designed to work in conjunction with ball valves that vary from 4 to 24 inches in size. Specialized sizes for companies that require unique proportions can generally be ordered, which would allow the company to get the maximum use out of the installation of this new piece of equipment. When production levels must be maintained in order to attain success, it is critical that industrial machines are able to work quickly and effectively. The installation of an electrical ball valve actuator helps that goal become a reality.