Electric Ball Valve Applications

An electric ball valve can provide critical control in industrial system operations. The ball valve works to help direct and manipulate the flow of process media between different pipes to ensure arrival in appropriate locations. These gases or liquids might need to be redirected at certain points, depending on the overall production processes of the system. In order to stop flow or cause it to change directions, an electric ball valve simply rotates within the pipe, so that the appropriate path is the only one available.

An electric ball valve is able to create openings or seal off pipe sections by rotating a spherical disc, known as a ball. This ball blocks a certain area completely, which provides a tight and reliable seal and prevents any gas or liquid from entering the blocked space. If the ball is rotated in a different direction, the opening is then available for passage. An electric ball valve can be operated electronically, so that no manual operation is required.

In addition to having a well-deserved reputation for being reliable, electric ball valve fixtures are easy to maintain. They will work efficiently over a long period of time, and provide a secure seal when in the closed position. Companies will appreciate the installment of fixtures that work reliably, especially because valves that do not create tight seals could contaminate the substances in the pipe, the final production product, and/or any type of substance that the system is in the process of circulating.

An electric ball valve is motorized, and an electric actuator provides the power to rotate the valve, which allows for openings to be created between various pipes. Sometimes, an electric ball valve is installed at the intersection between several pipes. The valve can then be used to control where substances go next, by only opening up one passage at a time as required per factory production goals. Ball valves in general provide companies with more production options, as pipes can intersect and different paths can be utilized for specific procedures.

Any electric ball valve fixtures that are implemented can be quickly and easily controlled. Quick shut-off is an option, and this might be necessary, depending on the type of system in which it is installed and the processes with which it is engaging. Compared to the other options available for similar procedures, an electric ball valve is usually a more reliable and more cost-effective choice.

Each company always needs to consider their particular system, needs, materials, and production goals before making a choice about types of fixtures to implement. Different types of materials are used in the making of an electric ball valve, and a company always has the option of ordering one that will be most compatible with their particular materials and procedures. Plastic and metals are both options for ball valve production materials, and some are made from metal but contain a ceramic center. Occasionally, an electric ball valve is designed to be more durable by the addition of chrome plating. The options available allow each company to install exactly the type of fixture that will meet their needs.