Benefits of Electrically Actuated Ball Valves

Electrically actuated ball valves are incredibly useful for maintaining control in process control system operations. Every large corporation that depends on machinery to function will appreciate the benefits of implementing electrically actuated ball valves.

When a system has a responsibility to circulate or otherwise transport process media through pipes to appropriate places, fixtures need to be employed to ensure that the right amount of substance is always arriving at the appropriate location. Electrically actuated ball valves enable this level of control to exist.

Ball valves work to control available passageways between different pipes. If a substance is not supposed to enter a pipe, electrically actuated ball valves are able to use a spherical disc, known as a ball, to completely seal off entry into that pipe. This seal is extremely reliable and dependable, and the ability of electrically actuated ball valves to create such a seal makes them a favorite within the industry. Additionally, ball valves are easy to maintain, and they will continue to provide high quality service over a longer period of time. Ball valves also do not have to be moved and utilized in different positions regularly to maintain their effectiveness. If a company wants to make a change in their production line that involves moving electrically actuated ball valves that have been stagnant for a long period time, it should go smoothly with ball valves performing just as effectively, since ball valves rarely develop functionality problems over time.

Electrically actuated ball valves can be installed at locations where several types of pipes intersect. The ball valves functions to direct substances to their next location. If different substances are passing through the same intersection at different times and need to reach different destinations, the ball valve is able to coordinate that. Perhaps the most exciting thing about electrically actuated ball valves is their ability to automatically change and adjust ball positions depending on the desired flow of substance. If flow location is determined by an outside force, such as temperature or pressure, a sensor can be set that activates when a certain indicator has been reached. In these cases, the use of electrical actuated ball valves helps to keep machinery items working within their best range of productivity, while working to enforce certain safety standards and procedures.

Ball valves in general are quick and easy, for a repair or an operation. They are quite versatile, and comprised of metal, plastic, or metal that contains a ceramic center. Different materials are known to fare better in various types of working conditions. A company needs to consider their production cost, operation, and the materials that might come in contact with electrically actuated ball valves after they have been installed. Fortunately, several different types of valves are available for purchase and specialized ordering. Industries can be matched to the types of electrically actuated ball valves that will best serve their needs. The flexible options allow more companies to find what they need and increase their overall production.