Implementing Duplex Strainers

What can the implementation of duplex strainers do to assist in industrial system function and applications? Since most systems work to move either gas or liquid through their system as they prepare it for circulation or other production goals, regulating those substances becomes a critical part of the process. Duplex strainers can assist with this regulation, as they can provide control over both the amount of volume passing through the pipes at any given time, as well as the quality of the substance that is allowed to pass through into the next chamber.

Duplex strainers work to weed out any impurities before a substance is moved further into the production process. Companies can specially order duplex strainers so that they filter out certain sizes and types of particles. Then, only high quality gas or liquid will be moved along in the system.

Due to the nature of a strainer, the particles and impurities that have been filtered out will begin to collect at the point of filtration. This will require cleaning at some point, to ensure that effective circulation is never hindered by the amount of particles that have been built up in the strainer area. Some industrial systems, however, cannot afford to shut down operation, even for maintenance concerns as simple as cleaning the strainer screen. Duplex strainers were designed for exactly this type of implementation, as they can continue to provide filtering operations without shutting down the system.

Duplex strainers are comprised of two different individual strainers that are connected through a series of pipes and valves. They operate in a manner that allows one strainer to be removed for cleaning at any given point, as the valves can re-direct gas and liquid substances to the other strainer for that period of time. The system is never stopped, and substances are never passed through without experiencing the required amount of filtering and cleaning. When one of the filters is not being serviced, both strainers work in tandem to ensure cleaning occurs effectively.

Duplex strainers are available in a variety of sizes, and can be made specially for a certain companyÕs requirements. Additionally, duplex straining systems can also be used to control the amount of volume that is flowing through the fixture at any given point. This control is usually provided through the use of a handle that can be moved. The movement will block off passageway through the strainers in different degrees. Depending on a company's production focus, this could be an incredibly useful feature of duplex strainers.

The versatility of duplex strainers makes them more valuable. They are available in different materials, and can be hand-selected for the conditions of a system. For instance, some materials are specially designed because they function well in either high pressure or high temperature situations. The more that is known about the specific purposes and circumstances of each system, the more duplex strainers can be fitted and selected to meet all of those needs. The result is a smoothly functioning system, that can be controlled and does not need to be interrupted!