Duplex Strainer Uses

A duplex strainer could be an incredibly important installment for a system of machinery used for some type of industrial application. Whether a system has a goal of providing a gas or liquid for circulation or using them in the process of production, piping systems are employed to move those substances through various processes and to appropriate locations. A duplex strainer is especially useful for cleaning and filtering that gas or liquid before it moves on, and for allowing more control over the actual flow of the substance.

Clean and filtered substances are always preferred to substances with impurities and other unwanted particles. Depending on the final goal of a system, providing a clean substance could be especially critical. For instance, machinery systems that are in place to filter air for circulation need to remove any particles that might make that air less than ideal for breathing. A duplex strainer can help to ensure that substances moving within the pipes of a system are properly filtered.

A duplex strainer works to clean substances by providing a strainer that a liquid or gas must pass through before it can enter the next set of pipes. The strainer is designed in such a way that small holes will capture and hold any particles that are too large to pass through. This results in only the pure substance passing on through the system; not the undesired impurities. Each company can design the size of the holes that they want for their duplex strainer, depending on the types of particles they are looking to remove.

A duplex strainer is especially useful in situation where a system is constantly running and cannot be shut down, even for basic maintenance or cleaning. Since the main job of a duplex strainer is to collect the unwanted particles that might find their way into a liquid or gas, those particles are then removed from flow but collect in the strainer. These strainer screens need to be cleaned periodically, in order to ensure that flow is not blocked off by particles and that future filtering can be effectively continued. A duplex strainer actually implements two different strainers into the pipes of a system, and allows for one strainer to be removed for cleaning while the other continues to function and filter the substances in flow. Production is never ceased, and the gases or liquids involved are still subject to the same cleaning requirements.

There is an amount of flexibility involved in selecting a duplex strainer. Companies can choose a fixture of a specific size or with certain connections, depending on how they want to connect it to their system. The material from which the duplex strainer is made can also be selected, and some companies will prefer materials that are specifically intended to work well in conditions with lower temperatures or higher levels of pressure, depending on the type of industry in which they are being used. Gaskets, valves, and other closure types can all be selected and designed for a companyÕs specifications.