Dual Basket Strainer Benefits

Why might an industrial corporation require the use of a dual basket strainer? Since the great majority of systems that incorporate machinery for various production tasks require piping systems to regulate the flow of some type of liquid or gas, different types of control over that flow become necessary. Additionally, a dual basket strainer can help to ensure that the actual fluid flowing through the pipes is composed of the proper and pure components that are necessary for smooth operation and quality production.

The basic premise of a basket strainer is that a fixture will filter the fluid that flows through it. Particles of a certain size are trapped and denied continual access to the next pipe or location, while the pure liquid or gas is free to continue. Basket strainers can be designed to trap particles of a specific size, which allows industries and companies the freedom and flexibility to install a dual basket strainer that will meet their specific product needs. Different sizes of a dual basket strainer can also be ordered, which allows factories to use these fixtures on a large-scale basis. Smaller strainers are typically used in private household or plumbing settings, but industrial sizes are readily available to meet the needs of businesses with massive systems.

A dual basket strainer generally uses mesh or a similar type of material to filter liquids or gases and remove particles. Certain types of dual basket strainer systems can also work to help regulate the volume of flow. This allows a business to exercise some control over how much liquid or gas is moving through a piping system, in addition to managing the purity of the liquid or gas itself by removing any unwanted components. The dual basket strainer can be controlled and manipulated through the use of a handle.

Due to the nature of certain industrial systems, it is sometimes impossible to shut down an operation for repair work to be completed. This is especially true for systems that need to be running at all times to ensure basic needs are met, through massive regulation of water, heat, etc. A dual basket strainer is perfect for use in these types of situations, because it allows for the system to continue running successfully even while a strainer screen is being cleaned or serviced. The dual basket strainer system works to create a bubble-tight area between two different basket strainer chambers. Other valves are also utilized in this system, and they direct the flow of gas or liquid to the basket strainer that is still in operation while the other strainer is serviced. The dual basket strainer system allows for continued production and operation without any loss of quality, as filtering is still occurring.

Ultimately, each business needs to determine the straining system that will best meet their needs. Any system that requires a constant and continual production without the opportunity for shut-off, however, might be an excellent candidate for the installation of a dual basket strainer. The size and material options allow this system to be customized as needed, which is another benefit for each individual company.