The Necessity for Double Offset Butterfly Valves

Regardless of what type of production or manufacturing a business is running, a pipe system will be utilized to allow flow of liquids or gases from one area to another. This flow will be required and necessary for smooth functioning and production. Unfortunately, the liquid and gas substances within the pipes cannot be expected to flow at the required pace and in the required directions on their own. Fortunately, however, double offset butterfly valves can be quickly and easily installed, and these valves allow the flow to be controlled at any point in the course of future operations.

Double offset butterfly valves control substances within pipes so that they move in a certain direction at a certain volume. The basic premise of the butterfly valve is that the disk is rotated. If this disk is blocking the pipe, process media will not be able to flow in that direction. When double offset valves are opened, process media is able to pass through. For this reason, offset butterfly valves are frequently employed for throttling applications that control flow. Other uses of double offset butterfly valves include shut-off operations, as they can quickly and reliably be moved to a position that will completely stop flow and halt operation.

Double offset butterfly valves are classified as high performance valves, and they can be safely implemented into higher pressure systems. Each company needs to carefully consider their specific design and operation to determine their valve and equipment requirements, as several options for control valves are available. Butterfly valves come in different sizes and materials, can be custom designed for a specific pipe system, and are intended to perform under different levels of pressure. Ordering the appropriate equipment carefully will result in smooth and steady production for years to come, but implementing a valve that does not meet the needs of the system can result in disaster, or at the very least, a lack of production for a period of time while the valve needs to be repaired or replaced.

In order for a company to maintain success over time, it must have reliable and responsive equipment. Offset butterfly valves can be operated in several different manners; by hand lever, rotary actuators, or worm gears. These options allow companies to select the configuration that will successfully work for their purposes and in their environment. The fact that offset butterfly valves can be reliably controlled speaks volumes about their usefulness. The versatility in the valves ability to both control flow or be used in on/off operations also causes this valve to be viewed favorably by those shopping for equipment. Additionally, different types of butterfly valves are generally cheaper and lighter than other types of valves, such as ball valves, and able to perform similar operations without as much support. These characteristics highlight the usefulness of double offset butterfly valves, and should be considered by businesses.