Double Offset Butterfly Valve Uses

Most industrial systems rely on pipelines to carry specific substances and materials to their desired locations. Every structure with running water and air systems depends on these types of systems. Additionally, businesses rely on piping systems for both running and maintaining structures that are held to high standards, and for engaging in the production of certain goods and products by manipulating machinery in manufacturing processes. The double offset butterfly valve is a useful tool for implementation in several of these situations, as it functions to provide versatile control over materials within piping systems.

Regardless of the type of piping system that is in use for an operation, the demands on the amount of control necessary are generally similar. The substance inside the pipes, whether it is gas or liquid, needs to be moved to another location. It must be manipulated to guarantee that it moves in the proper direction, at the proper speed, and that the proper amount arrives for the operation. A double offset butterfly valve can help to ensure that the proper control can be exerted on substances to force their appropriate behavior.

A double offset butterfly valve operates by allowing for movement of a disc that is offset from the main body of the valve. The double offset butterfly movement can then change the amount of gas or liquid that is allowed passageway in a piping system. If a higher volume of media is present, the double offset butterfly valve will ensure that only the desired amount is able to actually get through. This makes the double offset butterfly valve a spectacular tool for throttling applications, as it can easily control the amount of material entering or leaving a certain section of pipe.

In addition to throttling applications, a double offset butterfly valve can also be used for on/off operations. The tightness and flow control features of a double offset butterfly valve make it highly desirable within the industry, especially for gas, oil, and chemical industrial systems. When a double offset butterfly valve is shut completely, it is quite reliable and prevents any substances from becoming trapped in unwelcome locations. Some other types of valves create dead pockets when they are closing, which then traps some of the gas or liquid in the system into areas where it is undesireable.

The operation of a double offset butterfly valve is simple. Several options are available, including rotary actuators, worm gears, and hand levers. Each company needs to carefully consider their particular operation and design when selecting a double offset butterfly valve that would be most beneficial for their particular system. The different options available provide choices that can be purchased, ordered, and modified to meet a current set of needs. Once installed, the double offset butterfly valve can be easily controlled to ensure that materials are flowing along their necessary routes. If an adjustment needs to be made, a modification to the placement of the double offset butterfly valve can produce the necessary results.