Cast Iron Check Valve Applications

A cast iron check valve can be utilized in a variety of processes and systems. Typically, they are found in systems that deal with water hot and cold water, steam, gas, utility services, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. A cast iron check valve is generally used to control the flow in these different types of systems, as it is able to provide a certain amount of regulation that is necessary for successful functioning.

When a cast iron check valve is installed in a system, it functions to prevent various media within that system from moving backwards. This ensures that process media only flows in one direction, called upstream, and stops any backflow, or downstream flow. In some systems, it is absolutely essential that all process media only flows in one direction. Companies need to make sure that process media have already undergone a filtering or refining process before they are then circulated throughout a location. If the medias that had already been circulated moved back into circulation after they had been exposed to possible contamination, the end results would not be ideal. A cast iron check valve prevents any media from circulating that has had the opportunity to become contaminated.

A cast iron check valve has two ports. One opening allows process media to enter, and another opening allows it to leave. Liquids or gases are able to enter the cast iron check valve only if they are flowing in the appropriate direction designated by the system. This media must have a certain amount of volume to exert the required pressure necessary to keep the valve opened and allow flow to continue. When the flow decreases, the pressure dips. The pressure dipping below a certain level causes the cast iron check valve to close one of the ports, which prevents the medias that have already passed through from moving back in the other direction. Both ports of a check valve remain open during heavy amounts of flow and high amounts of pressure, because there is enough force moving the substances in the desired direction that prevents any substance from flowing the opposite way.

There are many different size options available for companies wishing to purchase and install a cast iron check valve. These types of valves are used in commercial, industrial, and household applications, which makes them quite widely utilized. The cast iron check valve is designed to be functional and durable over a long period of time, which will assist companies as they attempt to maintain their repair and replacement budget. A company also might want to consider their desired flow coefficient when they are considering buying a cast iron check valve that would be most appropriate for their particular installation and operation. This means that a company can specify at which pressure reading after a loss of flow volume that the cast iron check valve will actually close one of the ports and prevent media flow.