What You Should Know About Ball Valve Actuator

A ball valve actuator is actuator used in the automation of process control systems. Automation of systems is very important because it helps make work more efficient and reduces the costs of production or operation. This cost reduction is achieved because once systems have been automated, there will be no need for man-power. It is also worth noting that once systems have been automated, energy use will be more efficient.

There are three basic types of actuators that can be used in any given setting depending on need. These types include:

  1. Pneumatic Actuators
  2. Hydraulic Actuators
  3. Electric Actuators


Where Can a Ball Valve Actuator Be Used?

One of the places that an actuator can be used in is within a refinery. Due to the high demand for quick transmission of liquids or gases from one point to another, it is necessary to automate systems and that is why actuators are commonly used in such places.

Another place where actuators can be of great help is in a power plant. Most power plants use water energy and that is why automated valves are necessary to keep the plant running on a 24 hour basis.

Water treatment plants are also some of the other places that require automated valve systems. There are even more places that may decide to use actuators because of the multiple advantages associated with them.

Benefits of Using Ball Valve Actuator

One of the benefits of using actuators is that they enable operations to be carried out much faster and seamlessly. Since actuators are able to function on a continuous basis, the operations of any given system will be stable and thus productivity is bound to be greater.

Another benefit of using actuators is that they cut down on the costs incurred in running operations. As was mentioned before, systems that have actuators do not really require manual labor and thus there is less need to have workers involved, reducing the propensity for human error.

High quality actuators can keep working for a very long period of time without ever requiring servicing and this is another great benefit of using them. Additionally, actuators can help a plant to produce a lot more within a very short period of time.

Tips for Buying Ball Valve Actuator

In order to get the right products in the market, you should always carry out some form of research before buying. The three main techniques you can use in this research are:

  1. Word of Mouth
  2. Online Research
  3. Physical Premise Inquiries


When carrying out research, there are a number of things you should be on the look out for. These include;

  1. Experience
  2. Reputation
  3. Cost
  4. Licensing
  5. Product Quality
  6. Communications


Keeping all the details mentioned above in mind is the key to finding the best actuators in the market.

It is highly encouraged that you use this website to find out everything else that you may need since there is always a representative on hand ready and willing to assist you in any inquiries you may have regarding a ball valve actuator.