valve automation
rcs actuators
For 15 years Techmatic Inc. has been supplying automotive paint production facilities with products that solve problems. Valves, control valves, control packages, pumps and dampers for all phases of the paint process system.
FKL series
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Most recently validated
by General Motors for use
in automotive production
painting these pumps
have been tested and
proven to be highly
efficient, lower cost
alternatives to their
750 series
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Butterfly valves used in
phosphate and electrocoat systems most
recently chosen by Toyota for installation in their Cambridge, Ont. facility.
Triad Sanitary 920 series Valves for paint recirculation
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2 way | 3 way
Sanitary silicone free,
cavity free, dry assembled
valves are in use at BMW,
Harley Davidson,
General Motors,
Daimler Chrysler and
countless other paint
Series VS
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Proven to handle high
pressure conveyed sealers, sound deadeners and
cavity wax systems. The valve of choice by Honda for use in this toughapplication.
control valve actuators Actuators and Controls
Techmatic’s full in house control valve automation center provides fluid control of all aspects of the automotive industry.